Sexual Assault Treatment Centers

Commissioner Pete Clarke has been an advocate and champion for victims of trauma since the early stages of his career in Public Service. Pete was working for the county in the early 2000’s when it was brought to his attention that victims of sexual abuse were being seen and treated by medical examiners in the E.R. Pete thought individuals who have faced that type of trauma should not have to be in such a public location during their examination.

Pete began reaching out to different members of the community to see what could be done to create an environment that enabled privacy and as much comfort as possible through such an ordeal. Though having one failed attempt, he continued searching for a solution. Pete spoke with a community partner from Florida Hospital, Rich Morrison. In this conversation, Rich noted that the hospital had a facility that was being used for storage. They both thought it could be  transitioned to meet Pete’s vision for sexual assault treatment center. After Pete and Rich inspected the building area, they began to gather community support for making a Sexual Assault Treatment Center a reality. They obtained commitments for funding for the services, the cooperation of the States Attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies. The Hospital leased the facility to the county for $1 per year. Thus, the Sexual Assault Treatment Center was born, and remains intact and fully functioning to this day. If asked, Pete will say this has been one of his best accomplishments for victims of sexual abuse in the community.

Pete Clarke for Orange County Mayor