Community Involvement

Pete Clarke has been involved in our community for nearly 4 decades. He strives to increase our quality of life, protect the environment, improve healthcare, and help children in need.

Pete's Education

Having graduated from Boone High School, Pete Clarke is native to Orange County. He took the initiative to acquire a higher education at the University of West Florida, and then a Master's of Science at Florida State University. Upon graduating, he became involved with The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Pete Professional Career

As Deputy Director of the Orange County Health and Family Services Department, Pete Clarke oversaw more than 1,000 employees and a budget of more than $150 million. Pete's professional career is reflective of his character - he cares about our community and therefore worked to improve it.

Pete's Story

Growing up in a military family, Pete traveled a great deal and lived in France, Germany, Seattle, Alabama, and Milton in Northwest Florida.

During his teen-age years Pete’s father died unexpectedly and his mother moved the family to Orange County. Pete graduated from Boone High School and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degree.

Pete Clarke for Orange County Mayor