Sexual Assault Treatment Centers

Commissioner Pete Clarke has been an advocate and champion for victims of trauma since the early stages of his career in Public Service. Pete was working for the county in the early 2000’s when it was brought to his attention that victims of sexual abuse were being seen and treated by medical examiners in the E.R. Pete thought individuals who have faced that type of trauma should not have to be in such a public location during their examination.

The CFHLA Hosted Mayoral Hopefuls

If elected mayor, Pete Clarke plans to schedule one-on-one meetings with each of the municipal mayors, fully support homeless programs through innovation and with no governmental interference and expand access to county services through the creation of service centers.

Orlando Sentinel Q&A

Pete Clarke and other Mayoral hopefuls talk taxes, guns, wages, rail and biggering the convention center. Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel, who conducted the interviews, said, "for the first time in eight years, we have a competitive race for the most powerful elected office in Central Florida."

Pete Clarke Talks Gay Rights

“I’m proud of my stance,” Clarke said, adding the criticism of him at the time “rolled off me like water off a duck.” Clarke also pointed out that he was one of the first Republicans in Orange County to back same-sex marriage equality in 2014.

State cuts in mental health funding hamstring Orange County center

“At the end of the day it’s about public safety. We want to get law enforcement officers back on the street. We want to get people to the place they want to be,” Clarke said.

Interview with CFP

Watch Pete Clarke's interview with the Central Florida Post.

Pete Clarke Announces For Mayor

Orlando - Two term Orange County Commissioner, Pete Clarke, announced he will enter the race for Orange County Mayor.

Pete Clarke for Orange County Mayor